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Public Buildings

New Regional & District Offices for Ghana Audit Service


3 main building size prototypes and 8 different adapted design options befitting the various sites.

Adopting the traditional courtyard system of building layout, the design exhibits the concept of  openness, security, sustainability and interconnectivity in a harmoniously cohesive manner.


Client: Ghana Audit Service

Status: Start of construction

Location: 25 district and regional centres in Ghana

Nursery School


6 classroom pre-school building designed to provide the needed visual, emotional and educational comfort for children.
The facility has classrooms, staff offices, computer lab, kitchen and dining area in addition to ancillary facilities arranged around an open foyer/play area.


Client: Private

Status: Start of construction

Location: Oyibi, Ghana

Police Barracks

Proposal of 1 & 2 Bedroom Flats for Ghana Police Service. With Officers’ Residence, Parade Grounds  and other supporting facilities.


Client: Private Developer

Status: Design Proposal

Location: Accra, Kumasi & Tamale, Ghana

Marina Drive


New city waterfront with commercial, residential, leisure, retail services.


Status: Design State

Location: Accra, Ghana

German Development Cooperation

The building combines all German Development services under one roof.

Client: German Development Services
Status: Completed, 2007
Location: Accra, Ghana

Zain Projects

Design and brand mark of the New Zain Communication shops
Client: Zain
Status: Completed, 2009
Location: Accra, Ghana

Afrikiko Lesire Centre


This project sits adjacent to the seat of Ghana Government, the ‘Jubilee House’ in the heart of the city. Hence the local planning codes limited it to be on at corner lot to a single storey. The design takes the natural shape of the site which looks more like the ‘less than’ sign with the two sides adjoining the Liberation and Kanda Road. Set on the facades are strips of timber that rises and declines. With a bulls eye glass entrance at both ends, this building contains Coffee Lounge, Pharmacy, Gallery and cake & ice cream shop coupled with kids playground and a dance floor for evening live band jams.

Client: Afrikiko
Status: In Progress
Location: Accra, Ghana

World Bank Liberia Head Office


Reconstruction of an existing administration building to the highest safety, security and communication standards. The level of the interior fit-out transformed it into one of the most modern buildings in Liberia.


Client: Worldbank Liberia
Status: Completed
Location: Monrovia, Liberia

German Embassy

New meeting room and escape staircase within the German Embassy Compound

Client: German Embassy
Status: Completed, 2015
Location: Accra, Ghana

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